Schedule & Results, Trevor Barton Memorial-W1, 2017 (London Badgers)

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Friday, June 9, 2017
Group A2:00 PMSTRS Guelph 5-6London
Group C2:00 PMSTR1 Scarborough 19-3London AA
Group C2:00 PMSTR2 Barire 6-6Etobicoke
Group A2:00 PMSTR3 Aurora 10-3Mississauga Twins
Group B2:00 PMNL1 Kitchener 6-9Barrie
Group A2:00 PMNL2 Hamilton 13-7St. Thomas
Group A2:00 PMNL3 Cambridge 8-6East York
Group A2:00 PMEMSLIE Kitchener 3-10London
Group A4:00 PMSTRS Newmarket 10-5Oakville
Group B4:00 PMSTR1 Hamilton 3-7Leaside
Group B4:00 PMSTR2 East York 4-8Cambridge
Group A4:00 PMSTR3 Stoufville 4-1WOBA
Group B4:00 PMNL1 Burlington 4-11Windsor
Group C4:00 PMNL2 Etobicoke 7-6Milton
Group C4:00 PMNL3 Vaughan 5-15Whitby
Group B4:00 PMDan Stratford 3-8WOBA
Group A (XOVER)4:00 PMCWUpper Bolton 4-3North London
Group A4:00 PMAld Chatham 1-3North London
Group A4:00 PMEMSLIE Etobicoke 0-6Newmarket
Group C6:15 PMSTRS Barrie 9-8East York
Group B6:15 PMSTR1 Hamilton 6-16Kitchener 2
Group B6:15 PMSTR2 St. Catharines 5-10Lasalle
Group C6:15 PMSTR3 Clarington 14-4Burlington Select
Group B6:15 PMDan Vaughan 5-3Walker Homesites
Group A (XOVER)6:15 PMCWUpper Burlington 0-4Thornhill
Group A (XOVER)6:15 PMCWLower Royal York 3-3Walker Homesites
Group A6:15 PMAld Waterloo 2-4Barrie
Group B6:15 PMEMSLIE Windsor 4-4Ajax
Group A706:15 PMNL1 Guelph 1-4Tecumseh
Group A706:15 PMNL3 Wyoming 1-7Simcoe
Group D8:30 PMSTRS Simcoe 13-7Thornhill
Group D8:30 PMSTR1 Pickering 11-18Burlington
Group C8:30 PMCWUpper North Toronto 5-12Waterdown
Group C8:30 PMCWLower Pickering 9-8Kitchener
Group B8:30 PMEMSLIE Mississauga Tigers 3 1-5Cambridge
Saturday, June 10, 2017
Group A8:00 AMSTRS Aurora 6-5London
Group B8:00 AMSTR1 Leaside 3-6Cambridge
Group B8:00 AMSTR2 East York 1-7Hamilton
Group A8:00 AMSTR3 Mississauga Twins 3-13Guelph
Group B8:00 AMNL1 Burlington 3-9Kitchener
Group A8:00 AMNL2 Hamilton 11-3East York
Group A8:00 AMNL3 Cambridge 14-15St. Thomas
Group A (XOVER)8:00 AMCWUpper Bolton 5-5Walker Homesites
Group A (XOVER)8:00 AMCWLower Burlington 3-4North London
Group A8:00 AMEMSLIE Etobicoke 2-18London
Group A10:00 AMSTRS Oakville 11-23Stoufville
Group B10:00 AMSTR1 St. Catharines 13-5Kitchener 2
Group B10:00 AMSTR2 Lasalle 6-19Hamilton
Group A10:00 AMSTR3 Newmarket 3-16WOBA
Group C10:00 AMNL3 Whitby 12-3Etobicoke
Group C10:00 AMNYC Barire 22-12London AA
Group A10:00 AMDan Waterloo 4-14Chatham
Group C10:00 AMCWUpper Pickering 0-15Waterdown
Group A (XOVER)10:00 AMCWLower Royal York 1-19Thornhill
Group A10:00 AMAld Barrie 2-3North London
Group A10:00 AMEMSLIE Newmarket 9-0Kitchener
Group A7010:00 AMNL1 Lucan/Ilderton 3-28Tecumseh
Group A7010:00 AMNL2 Wyoming 10-21Guelph
Group C12:15 PMSTRS East York 8-9Clarington
Group D12:15 PMSTR1 Simcoe 11-1Burlington
Group D12:15 PMSTR2 Thornhill 11-8Pickering
Group C12:15 PMSTR3 Barrie 20-0Burlington Select
Group B12:15 PMNL1 Windsor 11-1Barrie
Group C12:15 PMNL2 Vaughan 17-17Milton
Group A12:15 PMNL3 Hamilton 14-2Cambridge
Group C12:15 PMNYC Etobicoke 5-5Scarborough
Group B12:15 PMDan Vaughan 8-4WOBA
Group C12:15 PMCWLower Kitchener 4-11North Toronto
Group B12:15 PMAld Stratford 10-3Walker Homesites
Group B12:15 PMEMSLIE Cambridge 1-2Ajax
Group A2:15 PMSTRS Mississauga Twins 7-11London
Group B2:15 PMSTR1 Cambridge 14-0Hamilton
Group B2:15 PMSTR2 East York 1-7Leaside
Group A2:15 PMSTR3 Aurora 5-14Guelph
Group A2:15 PMNL3 St. Thomas 1-11East York
Group A2:15 PMDan Barrie 3-13Chatham
Group A (XOVER)2:15 PMCWUpper Royal York 5-9North London
Group A (XOVER)2:15 PMCWLower Burlington 17-6Walker Homesites
Group A2:15 PMAld Waterloo 4-9North London
Group B2:15 PMEMSLIE Mississauga Tigers 3 1-10Windsor
Group A702:15 PMNL1 Simcoe 10-25Tecumseh
Group A702:15 PMNL2 Lucan/Ilderton 9-19Guelph
Group C4:30 PMSTRS Barire 17-5Scarborough
Group A4:30 PMSTR1 Oakville 5-12WOBA
Group A4:30 PMSTR2 Newmarket 1-12Stoufville
Group C4:30 PMSTR3 Etobicoke 12-10London AA
Group B4:30 PMNL1 Burlington 8-10Barrie
Group C4:30 PMNL2 Whitby 10-4Milton
Group C4:30 PMNL3 Vaughan 0-13Etobicoke
Group B4:30 PMDan Stratford 1-7Vaughan
Group A (XOVER)4:30 PMCWUpper Bolton 5-0Thornhill
Group C4:30 PMCWLower Kitchener 4-14Waterdown
Group B4:30 PMAld WOBA 13-5Walker Homesites
Group A4:30 PMEMSLIE Kitchener 5-3Etobicoke
Group B6:30 PMSTRS St. Catharines 5-2Hamilton
Group D6:30 PMSTR1 Thornhill 5-14Burlington
Group D6:30 PMSTR2 Simcoe 12-2Pickering
Group B6:30 PMSTR3 Lasalle 9-6Kitchener 2
Group B6:30 PMNL1 Windsor 12-8Kitchener
Group B6:30 PMDan Cambridge 7-8Windsor
Group C6:30 PMCWLower Pickering 5-6North Toronto
Group B6:30 PMAld Mississauga Tigers 3 3-9Ajax
Group A6:30 PMEMSLIE Newmarket 5-0London
Group A706:30 PMNL2 Wyoming Tecumseh
Group A706:30 PMNL3 Lucan/Ilderton 3-18Simcoe
Group C8:30 PMSTRS Barrie 10-11Clarington
Group C8:30 PMSTR1 East York 27-1Burlington Select
Sunday, June 11, 2017
Group C (XOVER)9:00 AMSTRS Leaside 2-1Barire
Group A (XOVER)9:00 AMSTR1 Lasalle 4-21Stoufville
Group D (XOVER)9:00 AMSTR2 Clarington 6-7Simcoe
Group A (XOVER)9:00 AMSTR3 Cambridge 4-3London
Group A (XOVER)9:00 AMCWUpper WOBA 10-3North London
Group C (XOVER)9:00 AMCWLower North London 4-17Waterdown
Group A (XOVER)9:00 AMAld Windsor 10-2Newmarket
Group A709:00 AMNL2 Simcoe 4-9Guelph
Group A709:00 AMNL3 Lucan/Ilderton 6-22Wyoming
Group A (XOVER)11:30 AMNL1 Etobicoke 13-5Hamilton
Group B (XOVER)11:30 AMNL3 Whitby 1-11Windsor
Group A (XOVER)11:30 AMCWUpper Vaughan 2-12Chatham
Group A (XOVER)11:30 AMCWLower Bolton 3-7Thornhill
Group A (XOVER)11:30 AMAld Ajax 7-14London
Group B2:30 PMSTRS Cambridge 6-5Leaside
Group A (XOVER)2:30 PMSTR1 Simcoe 17-4Stoufville
Group B (XOVER)2:30 PMNL3 Etobicoke 0-10Windsor
Group A (XOVER)2:30 PMCWUpper WOBA 5-3Chatham
Group C (XOVER)2:30 PMCWLower Thornhill 1-10Waterdown
Group A (XOVER)2:30 PMAld Windsor 3-10London
Group A702:30 PMNL2 Tecumseh 20-0Guelph
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