Market Yourself (London Badgers)

PrintMarket Yourself

Marketing Yourself


a.    Keep it short (Under 3-min)

b.   Consistent Transitions

c.    No Music

d.   Show your best stuff

e.    If Multiple Positions-Make Separate Videos


2.   Promotional Platforms

a.    Field Level

b.   Next College Student Athlete

c.    PBR

d.   Perfect Game

e.    Twitter

f.     YouTube


3.   Contact Coaches Directly

a.    E-mail

b.   Phone

c.    Text

d.   Coach

e.    Prospective College Athlete Form


4.   Showcase Camps and Tournaments

a.    Perfect Game

b.   Highly Recruited Tournaments

c.    College Camps

d.   PBR (Road to Atlanta)

e.    T12

f.     Provincial Team

g.   National Team