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London Badgers Baseball Alumni - NJCAA Signings 

Since 1994, the London Badgers Baseball Association has been developing players with the goal of their play being developed to the next level. Every player within the Badgers program is called upon to play with discipline, enthusiasm and the focus of developing their skills personally and for their team. Some players strive to play professional baseball and in doing so create the opportunity to continue their education by receiving scholarships recognizing their ability in the sport of baseball. 

The following is a list of Badger Alumni who have received baseball scholarships at US NJCAA Schools. Congratulations to each player!

Mike Ambrose (C/1B) Lake Michigan College, MI

Adam Arnold (IF/RHP) St Clair College, MI 

Zack Banks (RHP/IF) Lake Michigan College, MI

Peter Babcock (1B) Sauk Valley College, IL

Erric Barnier (OF) Jefferson CC, NY

Trevor Barton (CF) St Clair College, MI

Cole Bertsch (LHP) Sauk Valley College, IL

Travis Black (2B) Lake Michigan College, MI 

Brian Blackburn (C) Kellogg Community, MI

Matthew Brennan (RHP) Lake Land College, IL 

Dave Carey (P) Kellogg Community, MI 

Brendan DeClark (1B) Jackson Community College, MI 

Mike Damchuk (RHP/OF) St Clair College, MI

Craig Gillett (LHP) Munroe College, NY

Jason Farmer (3B) Black Hawk College, IL

Culley Ford (RHP/OF) Sauk Valley College, IL

Quinn Fuller (LHP) Gennessee College, NY

Sam Haldane (RHP) Lake Land College, IL 

Solomon Harwood (C ) Connors State College, OK

Jeremy Heffernan (LHP) Sauk Valley College, IL

Matt Hexter (2B) Texarkana College, TX

Ben Hubert (RHP) Kellogg C.C. Kalamazoo, MI

Jeremy Hudson (OF) Sauk Valley College, IL

Craig Jacques (OF) Blue Ridge Community College, NC

Rhys Jenkyn (1B) Kellogg Community College, MI

Travis Keys (LHP) Lake Michigan College, MI 

Brock Kjelgaard (P/OF) Indian Hills College, IA

Baird Kelly (LHP) Roane State, TN

Logan Knight (RHP) Ventura College, CA

Jeff Latta (RHP) Sauk Valley Vollege, IL

Quinn Little (2B) Macomb Community College, MI 

Troy Lofgren (C) Lake Michigan College, MI

Anthony Longe (2B) Ventura College, CA

Mitch Lumley (SS) Lake Michigan College, MI 

Mitch Masse (LHP) Lake Land College, IL 

Geoff McCallum (SS) Black Hawk College, IL

Brad McElroy (OF) Kellogg Comunity, MI

Chris McQueen (SS) Eastfield College, TX

Kevin Murray (RHP) Kellogg Community College, MI 

Mike Myers (RHP) Blawk Hawk College, IL

Brinn Norman (OF) Sauk Valley College, IL

Tyler Pagliaroli (RHP) Kellogg Community College, MI 

Dan Parsons (RHP) Louisburg College, NC

Kyle Pfiefer (SS) Blue Ridge Community College, NC 

Jeff Prouse (IF) Sullivan Community College, NY 

Alan Ready (C/3B) Sauk Valley College, IL

Andrew Reed (IF) Indian Hills College, IA

Byron Reichstein (CF) Texarkana, TX

Trevor Rohfritsch (1B) Muskegon Community College, MI

Andrew Savage (C ) Ventura College, CA

Lucas Sears (3B) Corning CC, NY

Matt Smith (LHP) Roane State CC, TN

Brady Stafford (C) Roane State Community College, TN 

Derrik Strzalkowski (C) Kellogg Community College, MI

Jared Underwood (2B) Minnesota West JC, MN 

Brad Vaters (OF) Kalamazoo Community College, MI

Braydon Verschueren (LHP) Kellogg Community, MI

Andrew Warner (SS/RHP) Southeastern Community College, IA

Nolan Wiebe (3B/RHP) Prairie State College, IL

David Wydeven (RHP) Genessee Community College, NY 

Paul Young (3B) Grand Rapids Community College, MI