14-18U Freq.Asked Questions (London Badgers)

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COST: 14U-15U
$3750 (10-Monthly Payments $375)-There will be a slight increase for 2024
$4150 (10 Monthly Payments $415)-There will be a slight increase for 2024

What do I get for my fees?

* Uniforms: 2-Jerseys, undershirt, hat, socks, pants, helmet, belt, team bag

* Team Equipment:  6-new bats, game balls, practice balls, whiffle balls, bow net

* Facilities: Game Field, Practice Field, Outdoor Cages, The Batters Box (Rain Days) 

* Umpire Fees: Includes League and Exhibition Games 

* Tournament Fees: All Included in fee… no bump up fees (All AAA and U.S. Tournaments)

* Indoor Skills Training (2 x per week Nov.-May)

* Team Strength Training (3 x per week Nov-May)

* Annual Trivia Event: Buffet Dinner and Prizes

*      * Year End Badgers Awards Banquet: Buffett Dinner, Awards

       * Non-Parent Coach Expenses

How many players will be selected? To ensure that the minor bantam team has sufficient pitching for tournaments and still is able to provide ample playing time for all we will carry a 16 player roster. 

When will the final roster be selected? The final roster will be selected on by end of September. This will give those players that have not been selected to return to their L.D.B.A. Home Association. 

In what league will the players be playing?  All 14u-18u will play within the Premier League of Ontario during weekends in May-June as well as the up a division within the L.D.B.A. during the week.

How many games/practices will there be each week? May-June there will be 4-weekend games and 1-2 weekday games. July-August weekends will be dedicated tournaments and play-offs.

What is the Badger Policy on taking summer holidays? Our policy is that players must attend all tournaments, games and practices. Time away between tournaments may occur but must be pre-arranged several weeks prior. This is a AAA team with player and team development is paramount with full attendance.   

What type of schedule and timing is involved with this team? 

• Indoor Skill and Strength Training: Nov. to May

• Outdoor Practices: End of April

• Season: May 1st to Sept. 4-7 

I am playing other sports during the try-outs so if I miss one try-out will I lose my chance to be selected to the final roster?

The Badgers understand that you are in the midst of other sports and will be tolerant if you have to miss a try-out date but you must contact our Technical Coordinator Mike Lumley of your absence.

  *The coaches understand that from time to time players are expected to support their seasonal commitments to other team sports. In fact, the Badger coaches expect players to show commitment to their seasonal sports and in doing so, may miss the occasional Badger workout and/or try-out.

  *Similarly, during baseball season (May 1st -September 8th ) the Badger coaches expect the players to show the same commitment to their baseball team and as such not miss baseball to attend another sport.