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London Badgers Baseball Alumni - Professional Signings

Since 1994, the London Badgers Baseball Association has been developing players with the goal of their play being developed to the next level. Every player within the Badgers program is called upon to play with discipline, enthusiasm and the focus of developing their skills personally and for their team. The following list of Badger Alumni have been drafted by professional clubs in Major League Baseball. Congratulations to these players accomplishments!

*Indicates Player played on Big League Roster

Mike Ambrose (SS) Pittsburgh Pirates

Adam Arnold (P) Milwaukee Brewers, London Rippers (Frontier League) 

Alex Blackburn (C) Toronto Blue Jays

Brian Blackburn (C) Baltimore Orioles

Phil Carey (IF) Toronto Blue Jays 

Will Cornish (RHP) Kansas City Royals

Jason Deyell (RHP) New York Yankees

John Fitzsimmons (RHP) Kansas City Royals

Mike Galloway (C/INF) Toronto Blue Jays

Sean Grimes (LHP) Toronto Blue Jays

Chris Heffernan (OF) Atlanta Braves

Jeff Loveys (P) New York Yankees 

Mike Lumley (P) Detroit Tigers 

Brock Kjelgaard (P/OF) Milwaukee Brewers

Brad McElroy (OF) Toronto Blue Jays 

Mike Myers (RHP) Houston Astros

* Chris Robinson (C/IF) New York Mets/Chicago Cubs/Texas Rangers/ San Diego Padres (MLB)

* Jamie Romak (IF) Atlanta Braves/Pittsburgh Pirates/Kansas City Royals 

Matt Skirving (C) Pittsburgh Pirates 

* Adam Stern (OF) Atlanta Braves/Boston Red Sox (MLB)/Baltimore Orioles/Milwaukee Brewers 

Jordan Tiegs (P) Cincinnati Reds 

Jordan Tiegs- Coach Texas Rangers

Kevin Virtue (OF) Baltimore Orioles