Major Mosquito AAA, Divisions, Trevor Barton Memorial-W1, 2017 (London Badgers)

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Major Mosquito AAA
  • Standings
    TeamGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4RFRAPtsRF %
    Guelph5-6 (L)3-13 (W)5-14 (W)X321440.696
    London5-6 (W)6-5 (L)7-11 (W)4-3 (L)252240.532
    Aurora10-3 (W)6-5 (W)5-14 (L)X212240.488
    Mississauga Twins10-3 (L)3-13 (L)7-11 (L)X133400.277
  • Standings
    TeamGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5RFRAPtsRF %
    Cambridge4-8 (W)3-6 (W)14-0 (W)4-3 (W)6-5 (W)3815100.717
    Leaside3-7 (W)3-6 (L)1-7 (W)2-1 (W)6-5 (L)241760.585
    Hamilton3-7 (L)1-7 (W)14-0 (L)XX102220.313
    East York4-8 (L)1-7 (L)1-7 (L)XX62200.214
  • Standings
    TeamGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4RFRAPtsRF %
    Barire6-6 (T)22-12 (W)17-5 (W)2-1 (L)462550.648
    Etobicoke6-6 (T)5-5 (T)12-10 (W)X232140.523
    Scarborough19-3 (W)5-5 (T)17-5 (L)X292530.537
    London AA19-3 (L)22-12 (L)12-10 (L)X255300.321
Group Schedule & Results
Friday, June 9, 2017
Group A2:00 PMSTRS Guelph 5-6London
Group A2:00 PMSTR3 Aurora 10-3Mississauga Twins
Group C2:00 PMSTR1 Scarborough 19-3London AA
Group C2:00 PMSTR2 Barire 6-6Etobicoke
Group B4:00 PMSTR1 Hamilton 3-7Leaside
Group B4:00 PMSTR2 East York 4-8Cambridge
Saturday, June 10, 2017
Group A8:00 AMSTRS Aurora 6-5London
Group A8:00 AMSTR3 Mississauga Twins 3-13Guelph
Group B8:00 AMSTR2 East York 1-7Hamilton
Group B8:00 AMSTR1 Leaside 3-6Cambridge
Group C10:00 AMNYC Barire 22-12London AA
Group C12:15 PMNYC Etobicoke 5-5Scarborough
Group A2:15 PMSTRS Mississauga Twins 7-11London
Group A2:15 PMSTR3 Aurora 5-14Guelph
Group B2:15 PMSTR1 Cambridge 14-0Hamilton
Group B2:15 PMSTR2 East York 1-7Leaside
Group C4:30 PMSTR3 Etobicoke 12-10London AA
Group C4:30 PMSTRS Barire 17-5Scarborough
Sunday, June 11, 2017
Group A (XOVER)9:00 AMSTR3 Cambridge 4-3London
Group C (XOVER)9:00 AMSTRS Leaside 2-1Barire
Group B2:30 PMSTRS Cambridge 6-5Leaside
Venue(s) In This Schedule
  • NYC - New York Central, 47 Jonas Street, St. Thomas, ON
  • STR1 - Stronach #1, 1221 Sandford St, London, ON
  • STR2 - Stronach #2, 1221 Sandford St, London, ON
  • STR3 - Stronach #3, 1221 Sandford St, London, ON
  • STRS - Stronach Stadium , 1221 Sandford St, London, ON

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