Schedule & Results, Trevor Barton Memorial Tournament- W1, 2019 (London Badgers)

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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, June 7, 2019
Group A12:00 PMALD London West Tincaps8-0Scarborough Stingers
Group A12:00 PMCW Upper Wyoming Wranglers16-6Kitchener Panthers
Group A12:00 PMStadium Hamilton Cardinals4-4London Badgers
Group A22:00 PMCW Lower North London Nationals7-4Royal York Cardinals
Group A22:00 PMPulham Orangeville Bengals0-2Kitchener Panthers
Group A22:00 PMStron #1 Brampton Royals5-8Aurora Jays
Group B32:00 PMStron #2 Windsor Stars5-8Kitchener Panthers
Group B42:00 PMNor#1 Ingersoll Ironbirds13-17Pickering Red Sox
Group B42:00 PMStron #3 North Toronto A's1-5Milton Mets
Group A14:00 PMNor#1 Ancaster Diamondbacks1-17Kitchener Panthers
Group A24:00 PMNor #2 Waterdown Wolves22-2Oakville A's
Group B34:00 PMALD Windsor Hawks18-0Burlington Bulls
Group B (XOVER)34:00 PMCW Upper Brampton Royals2-17London West Tincaps
Group B34:00 PMNor #3 Sarnia Braves12-2Hamilton Cardinals
Group B (XOVER)44:00 PMCW Lower Stratford Nationals3-12Orillia Royals
Group B44:00 PMPulham Aurora Jays3-8Innisfil Cardinals
Group C54:00 PMStadium Barrie Baycats0-16Scarborough Stingers
Group C64:00 PMStron #1 North York Blues7-1Halton Hills Eagles
Group D74:00 PMStron #2 Riverside Royals16-7Oakville A's
Group D84:00 PMStron #3 East York Bulldogs2-3Clarington Orioles
Group A16:00 PMNor#1 Brantford Red Sox7-5St.Thomas Cardinals
Group A16:00 PMStadium Milton Mets11-10London Badgers
Group A26:00 PMNor #2 Ingersoll Ironbirds14-4Ajax Spartans
Group A26:00 PMStron #1 Markham Mariners 1-20Riverside Royals
Group B36:00 PMNor #3 WOBA Bulls7-5Chatham Diamonds
Group B (XOVER)36:00 PMStron #2 St.Thomas Cardinals14-5Windsor Stars
Group B (XOVER)46:00 PMStron #3 Guelph Royals13-10Mississauga SW Twins
Group C56:00 PMALD Leamington Lakers5-2Markham Mariners
Group B (XOVER)56:00 PMCW Upper Innisfil Cardinals0-8Ancaster Diamondbacks
Group C66:00 PMPulham North York Blues6-10Halton Hills Lakers
Group B48:00 PMStron #1 North London Nationals1-12Stratford Nationals
Group B (XOVER)58:00 PMStadium Barrie Baycats9-11Scarborough Stingers
Saturday, June 8, 2019
Group A108:00 AMStron #1 Brampton Royals6-0Hamilton Cardinals
Group B118:00 AMStron #2 Milton Mets9-6Kitchener Panthers
Group B128:00 AMStron #3 North Toronto A's0-5Windsor Stars
Group A58:00 AMNor #3 Oakville A's5-20Kitchener Panthers
Group A68:00 AMNor#1 Waterdown Wolves15-5Ancaster Diamondbacks
Group A78:00 AMALD Kitchener Panthers4-3Scarborough Stingers
Group B78:00 AMNor #2 Pickering Red Sox2-18Hamilton Cardinals
Group A88:00 AMPulham Orangeville Bengals0-8London West Tincaps
Group A98:00 AMStadium Aurora Jays0-19London Badgers
Group B1010:00 AMPulham Aurora Jays0-18Windsor Hawks
Group A510:00 AMNor #3 Ajax Spartans0-16St.Thomas Cardinals
Group A610:00 AMCW Lower Royal York Cardinals5-12Kitchener Panthers
Group A610:00 AMNor #2 Ingersoll Ironbirds7-3Brantford Red Sox
Group A610:00 AMStadium Riverside Royals8-9London Badgers
Group A710:00 AMCW Upper North London Nationals4-9Wyoming Wranglers
Group A710:00 AMStron #1 Markham Mariners 6-14Milton Mets
Group B810:00 AMNor#1 Ingersoll Ironbirds8-15Sarnia Braves
Group B (XOVER)810:00 AMStron #2 Guelph Royals11-1Windsor Stars
Group B910:00 AMALD Innisfil Cardinals20-0Burlington Bulls
Group B (XOVER)910:00 AMStron #3 Barrie Baycats12-8Mississauga SW Twins
Group C1112:00 PMALD Halton Hills Lakers6-8Markham Mariners
Group C1212:00 PMPulham North York Blues2-7Leamington Lakers
Group C1312:00 PMStadium Halton Hills Eagles7-8Scarborough Stingers
Group C1412:00 PMStron #1 North York Blues6-4Barrie Baycats
Group D1512:00 PMStron #2 Clarington Orioles5-5Oakville A's
Group D1612:00 PMStron #3 East York Bulldogs6-4Riverside Royals
Group B712:00 PMNor #2 Stratford Nationals17-4Chatham Diamonds
Group B (XOVER)812:00 PMCW Lower Stratford Nationals3-4London West Tincaps
Group B812:00 PMNor#1 North London Nationals18-9WOBA Bulls
Group B (XOVER)912:00 PMCW Upper Innisfil Cardinals0-8Orillia Royals
Group B (XOVER)102:00 PMCW Lower Brampton Royals5-6Ancaster Diamondbacks
Group A102:00 PMNor #3 Oakville A's11-15Ancaster Diamondbacks
Group B (XOVER)102:00 PMStadium St.Thomas Cardinals3-21Scarborough Stingers
Group A112:00 PMCW Upper North London Nationals7-3Kitchener Panthers
Group B112:00 PMNor#1 Ingersoll Ironbirds5-15Hamilton Cardinals
Group A112:00 PMStron #1 Markham Mariners 21-7London Badgers
Group A122:00 PMStron #2 Riverside Royals6-1Milton Mets
Group A132:00 PMALD Orangeville Bengals5-2Scarborough Stingers
Group B (XOVER)132:00 PMStron #3 Barrie Baycats15-2Windsor Stars
Group A142:00 PMPulham Kitchener Panthers0-11London West Tincaps
Group A92:00 PMNor #2 Waterdown Wolves6-14Kitchener Panthers
Group A104:00 PMNor #3 Ajax Spartans0-11Brantford Red Sox
Group A124:00 PMCW Lower Royal York Cardinals2-17Wyoming Wranglers
Group B124:00 PMNor#1 Pickering Red Sox2-17Sarnia Braves
Group B (XOVER)134:00 PMCW Upper Innisfil Cardinals3-13London West Tincaps
Group B154:00 PMALD Aurora Jays13-0Burlington Bulls
Group B164:00 PMPulham Innisfil Cardinals5-7Windsor Hawks
Group A174:00 PMStadium Brampton Royals3-11London Badgers
Group A184:00 PMStron #1 Aurora Jays2-6Hamilton Cardinals
Group B194:00 PMStron #2 North Toronto A's10-7Kitchener Panthers
Group B204:00 PMStron #3 Milton Mets8-7Windsor Stars
Group A94:00 PMNor #2 Ingersoll Ironbirds9-11St.Thomas Cardinals
Group B116:00 PMNor#1 North London Nationals8-14Chatham Diamonds
Group B126:00 PMNor #2 Stratford Nationals22-3WOBA Bulls
Group B (XOVER)146:00 PMCW Lower Brampton Royals1-7Orillia Royals
Group B (XOVER)156:00 PMCW Upper Stratford Nationals3-11Ancaster Diamondbacks
Group C176:00 PMALD North York Blues5-11Markham Mariners
Group C186:00 PMPulham Halton Hills Lakers0-7Leamington Lakers
Group C216:00 PMStadium North York Blues5-10Scarborough Stingers
Group C226:00 PMStron #1 Halton Hills Eagles10-8Barrie Baycats
Group D236:00 PMStron #2 East York Bulldogs8-7Oakville A's
Group D246:00 PMStron #3 Clarington Orioles0-14Riverside Royals
Group B (XOVER)148:00 PMStadium St.Thomas Cardinals6-5Mississauga SW Twins
Sunday, June 9, 2019
Group B (XOVER)139:00 AMStron #2 Kitchener Panthers16-14Hamilton Cardinals
Group A (XOVER)149:00 AMStron #3 Sarnia Braves17-16Waterdown Wolves
Group B (XOVER)159:00 AMNor#1 Guelph Royals10-13Scarborough Stingers
Group A (XOVER)259:00 AMStadium Milton Mets0-4London Badgers
Group C (XOVER)269:00 AMStron #1 East York Bulldogs5-4Scarborough Stingers
Group A (XOVER)1610:00 AMCW Upper Stratford Nationals2-16Wyoming Wranglers
Group B1710:00 AMCW Lower London West Tincaps4-2Orillia Royals
Group A (XOVER)1910:00 AMALD Innisfil Cardinals7-12London West Tincaps
Group B (XOVER)2010:00 AMPulham Leamington Lakers11-1Windsor Hawks
Group A (XOVER)1311:30 AMStron #2 Chatham Diamonds4-8Brantford Red Sox
Group A (XOVER)1411:30 AMStron #3 Stratford Nationals2-12St.Thomas Cardinals
Group C (XOVER)1712:00 PMStron #1 Milton Mets2-3Barrie Baycats
Group B (XOVER)1612:10 PMStadium Riverside Royals15-4Scarborough Stingers
Group A (XOVER)181:00 PMCW Upper London West Tincaps1-6Wyoming Wranglers
Group C (XOVER)211:30 PMPulham London West Tincaps9-6Leamington Lakers
Group A152:00 PMStron #2 Brantford Red Sox13-12St.Thomas Cardinals
Group B (XOVER)152:00 PMStron #3 Kitchener Panthers9-7Sarnia Braves
Group A (XOVER)272:00 PMStadium East York Bulldogs4-17London Badgers
Group A (XOVER)182:30 PMStron #1 Barrie Baycats2-9Riverside Royals
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