Tournament Rules, Trevor Barton Tournament- Week 2 (London Badgers)

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  1. Pre-Game

  1. No Batting Practice on Field- All hitting should be done outside the fence.

  2. Batting Cages are only to be used by the 14u-18u teams.

  3. Please refrain from hitting into the sides of any of the cages or fences

  4. Please keep all ground ball practice outside the foul lines

  1. Post-Game

Since we are on a tight time schedule please adhere to the following post-game protocols.

  1. Shake Hands with opposition

  2. Clear and Clean the dugout immediately

  3. All team post game talks are to be done outside the field after dugout is cleared.

  1. Game Lengths

  1. No new inning after 1hr-50min

  2. Official Game after 4-innings or 3-½ if the home team is ahead

  3. No Extra Innings

  4. Coin Flip will determine Home Team in all pool and play-off games 

  1. Mercy Rules

  1. 18-runs after 3-innings

  2. 15-runs after 4-innings

  3. 10-runs after 5-innings

  4. 9-runs after 6-innings (10u/11u)

  1. Tie Breakers

  1. Head to Head among tied teams

  2. Fewest Runs against divided by Defensive Innings played among tied teams

  3. Fewest Runs against divided by Defensive Innings played among all teams

  4. Highest Runs For divided by Offensive Innings played among tied teams

  5. Highest Runs For divided by Offensive Innings played among all teams

  6. Coin Toss

  1. Extra Innings

Ties will stand during Pool Play….the following will be used for all play-off games

  1. Each team will begin the extra inning with a player on 1st & 2nd with no outs

  2. The placement of the runners of the extra inning will be determined by how the previous inning ended.

i. The hitter with the last plate appearance will start at 1st Base

ii. The hitter with the second-to-last plate appearance will start at 2nd Base

     7. Arm Care Rules

  1. Baseball Ontario Pitch Rules are in effect

  2. Pitch Count App must be updated during the game by the home team manager or designate.

  3. The manager of the opposing team will receive notification of the pitch count entry into the system and will verify or challenge the pitch count immediately at the end of the game (BEFORE LEAVING THE PARK).

    8. Schedule Format (Schedules Attached)

  1. Each age division will be Pool Play Format

  2. Regardless, each division will be guaranteed 3-games.

    9. Play-Off Format
a) First Place in Each Division Move on plus......
b) 8-Team:2nd Place from each division
c) 12-Team:All 2nd Place Divisional Teams will be go through the tie breaking formula to come up with the last playoff team

  10. Protests

  1. A protest based on an umpire’s interpretation of the rules must be lodged with the umpire before the game resumes, and the opposing team must also be advised by the umpire before the game resumes.

  2. The protest committee has the right to rule whether the protest will be heard

  3. All protests must be ruled on at the time of their occurrence by the Protest Committee

  4. If the protest is heard and denied, the team will be charged $50

   11. Diamond Locations 

Stronach Park 1221 Sandford Street London Ontario 

Aldridge Field 1221 Sandford Street London Ontario 

City Wide Fields 1610 Commissioners Rd E. London Ontario 

Labatt Park 25 Wilson Avenue London Ontario 

North London Fields 1225 Adelaide Street North London Ontario 

Dan Pulham Field 815 Windermere Road London Ontario 

    13. Health and Safety

Emergency- 911 (Police, Fire, Ambulance)

Local Hospitals- (519) 685-8500

London Children's Hospital-800 Commissioners Rd. E. London, ON N6A5W9

University Hospital- 339 Windermere Rd, London, ON N6A 5A5