London Badger Jaryd Lund commits to Salem University Tigers for 2019/2020, News (London Badgers)

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Dec 16, 2018 | jgladwish | 1883 views
London Badger Jaryd Lund commits to Salem University Tigers for 2019/2020
The London Badgers are proud to announce the signing of Jaryd Lund to the Salem University Tigers for the 2019/2020 season!  The Tigers are based in Salem, West Virginia, and put together one of their best NCAA seasons in 2018.  The future looks bright, especially with Jaryd joining the team soon.

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To celebrate Jaryd’s accomplishment, we interviewed him to get his thoughts on his future with the Tigers and reflect on his experience with the London Badgers.

Q:  So Jaryd, why did you sign with the Salem University Tigers?

A:  First, they have a very strong academic presence as the 2018 baseball team had one of the highest GPAs in the country last year.  They offer the program that I want to get into – Exercise Science – which was really important to me.

Also, I was given a chance to crack the starting lineup in year 1.  Coach Rouse is looking for players who can get outs and if I can do that I will get my playing time.

Q:  How many years did you play with the Badgers, and what was your biggest highlight?

A:  I’ve played with the Badgers for 7 years going on 8 and my number one highlight was definitely winning 18u Provincials and getting the opportunity to go to Nationals where we won gold.

Q:  How has the London Badgers program helped prepare you for college baseball?

A:  The Badger program helped a ton as they focus heavily on getting you to the next level. Having coaches who have experience playing college baseball in the United States as well as going to the US for tournaments was invaluable.  The Badgers gave me the opportunity to play against really good college caliber teams and gain valuable experience.

Q:  Who was the person who guided you the most throughout your minor baseball career?

A:  Mike Lumley has definitely had the biggest affect on my baseball career.  The wisdom he has from playing baseball at such a high level and the amount he has taught me on how to play the game and all the pitching lessons I have gone through have definitely helped me become a much better baseball player.

Q:  Who was your first baseball coach? How did he inspire you to be where you are today?

A:  My First Coach was my Dad. He introduced me into the game and taught me all the basics that I needed to know. He taught me how to throw a ball, how to catch, and how to hit. Without him being my teacher at the start of my career I never would have become the player that I am today.

Q:  Any words of advice for our younger Badger athletes?

A:  Keep on practicing - baseball is an art and it takes lots of time to master.  Always believe in yourself - there may be kids bigger and stronger than you but baseball isn’t a sport on who is the biggest.  It is a sport about who puts the most work in and who wants to take themselves to the next level.

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